About Farmfood A/S

Farmfood A/S is equally owned by HKScan, BHJ and Scandic Standard.

Since 2003, Farmfood has ensured that by-products from the chicken industry, which cannot be used for human consumption, are utilised in the best possible way.

Every year, approx. 160,000 tons of by-products from Denmark, Norway and Sweden are processed at Farmfood’s state-of-the-art facilities in Løgstør.

In a gentle and controlled process, the by-products are transformed into protein powder and fat. These sustainable products are used as ingredients in the production of animal feed, pet food, aquafeed and for the production of biodiesel.

Some of the ingredients (category 2) which are not permitted for use in feed are sterilised under high pressure and the fat extracted. The fat is used for biodiesel, and the residual product is utilised in the production of sustainable energy in the form of biogas.

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